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The Secrets to Running Effective & Productive Meetings

When planned and executed properly, a meeting is an excellent way of communicating essential information to a group of people and getting ideas, feedback and agreement on important issues involving a number of players. Unfortunately, meetings often tend to eat into your working day, adding little or no value. When calling, chairing or attending a meeting, there are a number of ways in which you can ensure that your and others' time is well spent.

This practical 1-day workshop is filled with simple techniques and ideas to enhance the effectiveness of any meeting that you attend and minimise the time spent in unproductive discussion.

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Course Outline

Assessing the value of a meeting

  • Knowing when to call a meeting
  • Exploring alternatives to meetings
  • Understanding the nature and dynamics of formal meetings
  • Examining the pro's and cons of informal meetings

Getting off to a good start

  • Preparing the details before you call the meeting
  • Deciding who should attend and informing them of the time, venue and what they need to prepare beforehand
  • Understanding the impact of the location on course and outcome of the meeting
  • Evaluating different seating arrangements and the impact each arrangement will have on the dynamics and results of the meeting

Structuring and administering the meeting

  • Assigning the role of chairperson
  • Planning the course of the meeting:

- Introduction
- Body of the discussion
- Conclusion

  • Setting the agenda and giving each attendee a copy to ensure they arrive prepared
  • Planning a realistic timetable and sticking to it!
  • Taking minutes of the meeting
  • Following up on the outcomes

Your responsibilities as an attendee of a meeting

  • Taking an active role without taking over
  • Learning to listen to other participants
  • Dealing effectively with conflict and sensitive issues to ensure the aim of the meeting is met
  • Holding your own against those who hog the floor - effectively, but diplomatically

Chairing a meeting effectively

  • Understanding your role as chairperson
  • Knowing the participants and what to expect of each one
  • Pacing the meeting to ensure that all issues are covered in the time allocated
  • Dealing with chatters and hagglers delaying the progress of the meeting
  • Ensuring that all participants stick to the agenda
  • Keeping order in even the most heated discussions
  • Closing the meeting professionally
  • Identifying and overcoming the most common meeting potholes

Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial to each and every person in your organisation who regularly chair or attend meetings. It will be of particular interest to those who wish to spend less time in meetings that result in little more that circle discussions, but prefer to run and attend short and productive meetings.


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