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Practical Time Management Techniques for Secretaries and Personal Assistants

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Time is a commodity that we cannot save for later use and cannot make more of. Secretaries and personal assistants are expected to always get the job done well and on time, and are often required to take responsibility for tasks not directly associated with their function. In addition, they are expected to assist their manager in managing his/her day, and deal with a variety of questions and complaints from people within and outside of the organisation.

As a secretary or personal assistant's performance impacts significantly on the performance of the relevant manager and his/her department, it is essential to ensure that secretaries and personal assistants are equipped to deal with ever-changing workloads and deadlines. The only way for them to maintain control of their day and workload is to learn how to do more in less time and deal with the constant interruptions in their working day.

Time management is a skill that can be learnt and enhanced. Effective time management enables us to get everything done correctly and on time, avoiding the stress of not meeting deadlines and having to explain to our superiors why a specific task is incomplete. In this way, more time and effort can be spent working effectively and productively, and less is spent worrying.

This practical 1-day course will enable delegates to do just that! They will learn how to work smarter and quicker, achieving more without working longer hours. It will also enable them to deal effectively with events and people that impact on their time, ensuring that they are able to function productively, achieving both their and their managers' goals.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at all secretaries and personal assistants within your organisation. It will also be beneficial to any other employees who perform a supporting role within your organisation or function as a management assistant.

Customisation The course or specific modules of the course can be tailored to suit the particular requirements of your organisation.


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