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Managing your client's Media expectations

"Public Relations does far more than get 'column centimetres' in the local newspaper. This is the most superficial element of the craft. Getting the right communications to the five 'publics' every company has is the imperative. The only way to do this effectively is to understand what each one wants and how to give it to them in such a way that it is mutually beneficial."

This workshop sets out to cement a powerful working relationship between the practitioner and client by broadening their understanding of what can be achieved by PR. If you've ever had the experience of winning an interview for your client, and then found them incapable of exploiting the opportunity, or missed a story because they didn't respond while it was 'hot' - then this workshop will ensure it doesn't happen again. It answers the questions...

  • What is a good PR story worth compared to paid-for advertising?
  • How does the media pick and choose the stories it'll use? What is the process?
  • How do you present yourself and your company to greatest effect?
  • What communication tools do journalists use? And how you can use them?
  • Why do great stories 'fall off the page'?
  • What is 'spinning' and is there such a thing in South Africa?
  • What are the consequences of 'bad PR'? (A horror story or two...)
  • Can you take your agenda to the interview?
  • What, finally, is PR really all about?

In a five-hour workshop the client works with their Public Relations practitioner to explore effective ways in which to develop constructive relations with the media. It begins with an understanding of the training the journalist in both printed and electronic media receives. It examines the problems they face every day. It shows how helping to solve their problems makes you a valuable resource. It shows how to handle media interactions and interviews effectively and explains why there are 'no guarantees'. It shows how negative publicity should be handled using damage-limitation techniques.

The workshop is highly interactive and experiential and to facilitate this must be limited to 10 delegates. It is strongly recommended that the client's Public Relations practitioners be represented at the workshop to help build a powerful partnership.


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