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Hiring and Firing

The new Labour Legislation Act is demanding that companies in all industries stick to very specific guidelines when recruiting, taking disciplinary action and dismissing staff members. Companies and managers that do not comply with these regulations are subjecting themselves to lengthy and costly legal battles.

This essential and intensive 1-day course will provide you with all the knowledge required to ensure that neither you nor your organisation are held accountable for contravention of the LRA. Ensure that you save time and money by knowing what the law stipulates regarding the hiring and firing of employees.

I found it very interesting and useful.  

I believe that I can implement further procedures.- S Coppola - Experion Scorex Pty (Ltd)  

Very Informative - A. van Lingen - Anglo American  

The content of this course is very well communicated. This made it easy to understand  - P. Swartling - Department of Transport

My expectations were to get practical information to achieve consistent and equitable solutions relating staffing.  The course exceeded this.  Many thanks to Peter for a great course. - Mervyn Visagie - Cellphones Direct

Of numerous similar courses I have attended, this course was one of the better in terms of "reference and examples "Peter has a vast knowledge of his subject. - Rob Grant - Vodacom S.P. Company (Pty) Ltd

An Excellent Course - Andries Shongwe - Polifin  
Outstanding. - N. Mkhize - Kempton Park Tembisa Municipal Local Council

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Hiring and Firing

Course Outline

Recruiting and selecting the right person for the job

  • Ensuring that you know exactly what is required to get the job done
  • Advertising the vacancy in accordance with the LRA
  • Learning how to interview fairly - what you may and may not ask
  • Writing LRA compliant letters of regret to unsuccessful candidates

Managing employment agencies to ensure that your company does not become liable due to their actions

Learning how to avoid being implicated in costly legal proceedings by ensuring that the employment agency you use work in accordance with the LRA Completing the employment process
  • Learning what the LRA stipulates regarding probation periods
  • Knowing what constitutes a legally valid employment contract
  • Looking at the value and legality of restraints of trade
Taking disciplinary measures
  • Knowing when and how to issue warnings
  • Taking fair and legal disciplinary action to improve performance
  • Issuing a notice to attend a disciplinary hearing

Conducting a fair and successful disciplinary hearing

  • Preparing for a disciplinary hearing
  • Selecting an impartial and competent chairperson
  • Identifying the rights and responsibilities of the employee
  • Understanding the role of union representatives in disciplinary hearings
  • Effecting legal suspension on full pay

Effecting staff dismissals

  • Understanding the grounds on which a person may be fired:
  •  Misconduct - Incapacity or poor performance - Operational requirements
  • Learning what the LRA regards as fair:
  • Procedural fairness - Substantive fairness - Jurisdictional fairness

Handling CCMA referrals with confidence

  • Knowing how to prepare all the necessary documentation as proof of your company's compliance with the LRA in taking disciplinary action and effecting staff dismissals
  • Presenting your case to the CCMA

Who should attend?

  • This course is aimed at all managers. It is essential to:
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Managing Directors and General Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Supervisors Recruitment Officers


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