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The Fundamental Skills of Effective Supervision

This practical 2-day course has been specifically developed for frontline supervisors keen to improve their supervisory performance.

  • Learn to get results from your team and support from your managers.
  • Make sound decisions with confidence - even if they are unpopular.
  • Examine the impact of labour legislation on your function as supervisor.
  • Maintain discipline and deal effectively with conflict and grievances, without having to police the actions of your team.
· Improve your own performance through personal development. "Excellent course, it will deinfately help me" - H Duarite - Imation SA Pty Ltd "The course will well thought out and presented" - Denise Naude - Sentury Security

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The Fundamental Skills of Effective Supervision

The critical role and complicated task of supervisors is often not appreciated. Lester R. Bittel, an American authority on the subject, describes a supervisor as a "vigorous leader, a shrewd and effective planner, a source of technical know-how and a deft mediator between policy-setting management on the one hand and rank-and-file workers on the other." In South Africa , many would agree that there is a lot of work to be done before all our supervisors meet these standards

This practical 2-day training course has been specifically developed to assist supervisors in enhancing both their own and their division's performance, while cultivating a workforce motivated and capable of taking responsibility for their actions and pride in their achievements.  

You will learn to:

  • Align the demands of management with the capabilities and requirements of your team  
  • Plan and implement activities that will ensure the continuous improvement of your area of responsibility
  • Control the day-to-day activities of your team members without having to police their every move  
  • Maintain discipline and deal effectively with conflict and grievances Improve your personal performance by identifying and acquiring the skills necessary to do so 

Course Outline

Understanding the supervisor's role

  • Recognising the supervisors value and role in the success of the organisation
  • Learning to get results from your team and support from your seniors 
  •   Formulating a goal-oriented plan and implementing activities necessary to achieve the set objectives  
  • Identifying the do's and don'ts of organisational synergy  

Improving your performance through personal development  

  • Mastering essential communication and interpersonal skills
  • Distinguishing problems from symptoms and finding practical solutions
  • Making sound decisions with confidence - even if your decision is unpopular  
  • Managing your own time effectively and helping others to do the same
  • Setting attainable personal goals to ensure that you continuously improve your own capabilities

Overcoming your own and other's resistance to change 

  • Learning to cope with change and diversity
  • Understanding the implications of labour legislation
  • Finding creative and effective ways to simplify your team's tasks and improve their performance
  • Developing a culture of quality and responsibility in your team
  • Continuously motivating your team to strive for ongoing productivity improvements

Turning disparate groups into united teams

  • Learning to implement proven principles of motivation and build high morale
  • Converting destructive conflict situations into golden opportunities for positive change
  • Delegating tasks and responsibilities to save time and motivate your team
  • Maintaining discipline and dealing with grievances
  • Refining your style in giving orders and instructions

Leading your team to success

  • Ensuring your targets are achieved without having to monitor your team's every action
  • Involving your team in setting clear and measurable objectives
  • Appraising individuals' work and helping them to enhance their performance
  • Learning to take complete responsibility for your actions and encouraging your team to do the same
  • Developing a leadership styles that inspires your team to strive for excellence  

Who should attend?

This workshop will benefit all individuals who have recently been appointed a supervisory position, as well as experienced supervisors who have never been exposed to any formal supervisory training. The principles taught are generic to the supervisor's role in all sectors of industry and commerce. 



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