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Effective Debt Collection

This intensive 1-day training course focuses on the implementation of simple and proven credit control processes in order to minimise the risk of long-term outstanding debt. You will also learn how to effectively collect outstanding debt without damaging the supplier-customer relationship. "The practical sessions were effective and informative" A. Alfonso, Ian Fuller Agencies "The course was very informative. The facilitator keeps your attention and makes the course enjoyable" Anne E.L. Ford, CSIR Conference Centre "The practical sessions were eye-opening" T. Ndlovu, Global Technology B.I

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Effective Debt Collection

Bad debt is a serious matter for any company. It has been known to ruin otherwise successful concerns. However, it is essential to ensure that your debt collection activities result in payment of the outstanding amounts, without damaging your customer relations. This intensive 1-day training course will enable you to do just that. You will learn to understand the importance of credit control and debt collection, plan an effective debt collection programme and acquire proven techniques for written and telephonic debt collection. Course Outline Understanding company credit and debt

  • Reviewing the credit cycle from application to payment
  • Identifying possible causes of outstanding payments
  • Assessing the impact of outstanding debt on your company's financial results
  • Identifying ways in which you can motivate your customers to pay their outstanding debts

Debt collection as a vital financial activity

  • Completing debtor reports as an effective debt management tool
  • Setting definite and realistic debt collection targets
  • Comparing your debt collection results to your initial objectives
  • Analysing the return-on-investment of your debt collection activities

Planning and preparing for effective debt collection

  • Classifying your debtors to enable a well-targeted approach
  • Using the debtors classification to analyse the potential risk each debtor poses to your company
  • Drawing up a collection checklist to facilitate systematic collections
  • Making use of a customer card system as a comprehensive record of all debtors' histories
  • How do you decide whether to collect the debt by telephone or by letter?

Ensuring the success of your debt collection correspondence

  • Understanding the essential elements of debt collection correspondence
  • Paraphrasing the "pay up or else" threat in a more effective and customer friendly fashion
  • Acquiring essential skills for compiling debt collection letters, telegrams, e-mails and faxes
  • Addressing your correspondence to the correct person to guarantee results

Essential telephone techniques

  • Ensuring that you are sufficiently prepared before dialling the number
  • Understanding professional telephone procedure
  • Dealing with angry customers and excuses
  • Overcoming personal and company objectives
  • Turning promises into commitments to pay
  • Using agreed payment dates and reminders to ensure that the debt is paid
  • Learning how to close calls amicably

Who should attend?

  • Debt and Credit Controllers
  • Debt Recovery Agents
  • Credit Supervisors and Managers
  • Debt Collection Managers
  • Debtors Clerks
  • Debt Collectors
  • General Managers of small and medium enterprises.

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