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Dealing with Difficult Individuals

Minimise stress and conflict by learning to deal effectively with even the most challenging behaviour from those around you.

On this practical 1-day seminar you will learn to deal with difficult behaviour by:

  • Understanding how your view of difficult behaviour affects your ability to defuse it.
  • Maintaining control of your emotions and the situation - acting with skill instead of reacting in anger.
  • Evaluating each separate incident and identifying the best way to deal with it.
  • Setting clear and fair boundaries to be respected by colleagues, superiors, friends and family.
  • Restoring an amicable atmosphere in a situation strained by difficult behaviour.

"Excellent presentation. The content was easily adaptable into practice. It gave insite into a difficult subject" - Chris van As - ABSA

"Excellent" - Elsa de Villiers - Kempton Park/Tembisa Town Council

"The course was excellently designed and presented" - Thabo Phetla - Department of Minerals and Energy

"The practical sessions were very effective." - Freda Saayman - ABSA

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Dealing with Difficult Individuals

From time to time we all have to deal with difficult people and the unpleasant situations their behaviour can create. Regardless of whether their difficult behaviour was justified or not, you have to deal with it, without allowing it to have a negative impact on your day and your performance.

This practical 1-day seminar will help you to do just that! You will learn proven techniques of maintaining control of difficult situations and defusing challenging behaviour by others. Learning to deal with difficult people in a professional and diplomatic manner will ensure that they think twice about challenging you in future, opting to resolve problems using a reasonable, professional approach.

This course will focus on the core issues related to difficult behaviour and provide you with plenty of opportunity to practise your newfound skills in a controlled and supportive environment.

Course outline

Finding out how you actually view and react to difficult behaviour

  • Defining difficult behaviour in terms of your own values and views
  • Understanding how your thoughts and feelings impact on your behaviour
  • Examining the ways in which you allow people to upset you or 'push your buttons'
  • Do others think you are a difficult person?

Learning simple and proven techniques of dealing effectively with difficult behaviour

  • Understanding the merit of constructive conflict in resolving difficult behaviour 
  • Remaining in control of the situation by acting instead of reacting
  • Deciding which behavioural style best suits the particular situation
  • Setting boundaries to ensure that you are not faced with recurring difficult behaviour by others
  • Create your Responsibility Index. A measure of your effectiveness in interactions with difficult people.

Applying these techniques to various situations

  • Dealing professionally with difficult superiors
  • Maintaining friendly, productive working relationships - even with difficult colleagues
  • Working with difficult subordinates
  • Handling difficult behaviour from customers and suppliers
  • Facing the most important challenge - when family and friends are difficult

Recovering from the effects of difficult behaviour and the resulting situation 

  • Distancing yourself from the situation
  • Identifying and dealing with the resulting emotions - yours and others'
  • Restoring an amicable, productive working atmosphere
  • Making mental notes for future reference

Practical Sessions

From time to time we all have to deal with difficult situations and challenging behaviour from others. Fortunately, this is a skill that can be learnt and improved with practise. For this reason, this course comprises of a practical session and of role-plays, giving you the opportunity to rehearse what you have learnt in a controlled environment. Any problems can be addressed with the help of your course facilitator, ensuring that you are able to employ the techniques you learn as soon as you return to your place of work.


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