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Essential Skills for Frontline Staff

Attracting, Maintaining and Enhancing customer relations is an essential part of successful business today. The people who operate within this environment need very specific skills to effectively contribute to the success of the organisation as a whole.

This practical 2-day course was specifically developed for front line staff.

"The course was excellent. No words to explain it" - N Mahigo - Air Traffic Navigation and Services

"The training and facilitator were brilliant, thank you" - F Maponya - Spoornet

"This was a very impressive course" - D Viljoen - Concor Holdings Pty Ltd

"The course was more than what I expected. Very professional." - G Mentoor - EDS

"The course met my expectations and I wouldn't change a thing" - B Landella - Amalgamated Beverage Industry


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Essential Skills for Frontline Staff

This practical 2-day course was specifically developed for frontline staff.

Course Outline

Learning professional telephone manner

  • Learning business telephone etiquette
  • Using the appropriate speech tempo and tone of voice
  • Refusing requests politely, yet effectively
  • Ensuring that your calls are short and efficient

Applying effective listening techniques

  • Learning to listen actively
  • Noting essential facts for future reference
  • Double-checking to see if you really understand the caller's request
  • Identifying all the relevant information to establish precisely what needs to be done
  • Making sure that the caller is completely satisfied before terminating the call

Getting more done in less time

  • Avoiding unnecessary interruptions
  • Ensuring that all important information is readily available
  • Learning how to keep call-time down, without being rude or abrupt
  • Dealing with long-winded customers

Dealing with troublesome customers and overcoming their objections

  • Remaining calm regardless of what the caller says
  • Solving the problem by concentrating on the facts
  • Dealing with customer complaints and irate callers

Managing stress in the workplace

  • Dealing with difficult co-workers and superiors
  • Defusing conflict situations and avoiding crises
  • Coping with your own stress and pressure
  • Assisting others in managing their stress

Motivating yourself and others to achieve more

  • Setting attainable goals and monitoring your own progress
  • Surviving demotivating 'bad days'
  • Rising to the challenge of solving 'impossible' problems

Succeeding by working together

  • Assuming responsibility for your own actions and tasks related to your job
  • Helping others to ensure that the job gets done
  • Ensuring that you make other's work easier, not more difficult
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience with others to enhance productivity
  • Dealing with conflict in the workplace

Providing outstanding customer service

  • Understanding the importance of excellent customer service
  • Identifying the characteristics of outstanding customer service
  • Involving the entire team in the setting of quality standards
  • Going the extra mile for excellent service - first time, every time
  • Ensuring that you know your product
  • Following up on outstanding issues/calls
  • Being honest about a problem without blaming a co-worker or your organisation
  • Using service recovery techniques to regain customer confidence


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