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Summary of workshop content and approach

The aim of the two day valuing diversity workshop will be to create awareness of the differences among people and the impact of these differences on relationships and productivity. The various components of diversity will be explored and the impact of each component considered. Attention will be paid to the differences among all people, even those who look similar. Participants will be challenged to consider their stereotypes, examine the origins of their stereotypes about people who are different from themselves and challenge the validity of these stereotypes. This will be done, based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy . The aim would be to drive home the concept that it is possible to accept others who are different from us while simultaneously accepting ourselves and the groups we belong to as worthwhile.

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Exposure to others will be encouraged through the facilitation of open communication among members of the group. This takes place in a safe learning environment through experiential learning and interpersonal interactions in the small groups as well as the larger group. Examples and case studies will be drawn from participants' own working environments and participants will be encouraged to formulate and implement practical, sustainable solutions and approaches relevant to their specific situations. The approach that is followed is based on basic communication theories and Transactional Analysis whereby delegates are challenged to examine the way in which they relate to people who are different from them. Delegates will be challenged to examine the impact of their communications and interactions with the “out group”. They are thus encouraged to relate to others on an adult-adult basis. Learning takes place through individual and group exercises during which learners are taken on a journey of self-discovery, observation of others and expression of their ideas and experiences.

Workshop outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • •  Understand what is meant by diversity
  • •  Explain how diversity issues impact on their working environment
  • •  Appreciate the value and necessity of diversity in the workplace
  • •  Understand what is meant by assumptions and stereotypes
  • •  Understand the dangers of stereotyping
  • •  Become aware of their own assumptions and stereotypes regarding people who are different from themselves
  • •  Challenge their own assumptions and stereotypes
  • •  Accept themselves as a valuable part of a diverse workforce
  • •  Accept others who are different from themselves as a valuable part of a diverse workforce
  • •  Identify some destructive ways of handling diversity in the workplace
  • •  Communicate more freely about differences and obstacles brought about by diversity
  • •  Listen to and respect people who are different from themselves
  • •  Better handle diversity related conflict situation

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Diversity Ice Breaker
  • Diversity concepts
  • Discussion of definition of valuing diversity
  • Diversity components
  • Discussion on the benefits of valuing diversity
  • The business imperative of valuing diversity
  • Stereotyping exercises
  • Reflection on socialization
  • Psychological analysis of prejudice and stereotyping

Day 2

  • Recapturing day 1
  • Identification of recurring patterns
  • Discussion of communication theory
  • Sharing of diversity experiences
  • Explanation of triggers
  • Asking of “burning questions”
  • Fish bowl exercise

Note: It is of utmost importance that the groups are as diverse as possible with representatives from the different race groups and both genders present in all workshops as delegates will learn about other groupings from the representatives of those groups in the workshop.

The workshop will be co-facilitated by 2 diverse, experienced facilitators, who are both qualified clinical psychologists.


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