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Consumer Credit for Supervisors

The purpose of this 2 day course is:

  • To understand the contractual rights and obligations of the credit grantor
  • To supervise the credit granting process and the collection process

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Course Outline


    • The planning cycle
    • Time management

Consumer Credit

    • Arranging an interview with the debtor
    • Consumer credit collections
  • The collection function
  • The early collection procedure
  • The telephone collector
  • Approaches that encourage payment
  • Reasons for non-payment


    • Requirements for the establishment of a valid contract
    • Contractual capacity
    • Executable Contracts
    • Legal Contracts
    • The parol evidence rule
    • Rectification
    • Breach of contract
    • Default of the debtor
    • Default of the creditor
    • Positive mal-performance
    • Repudiation
    • Remedies for breach of contract
    • Interdicts
    • Withdrawal from the contract

Contracts of Purchase and Sale

    • Introduction
    • The contract of purchase and sale
    • Special contract of purchase and sale
    • Rights and obligations of purchaser

Collection Policy

    • Collection policy

Code of Conduct and Magistrate's Court Act and Insolvencies

    • Association of debt recovery agents
    • Definitions
    • Unfair practice
    • Justified practice
    • The Debtor's obligation
    • Insolvencies
  • Voluntary sequestrations
  • Customer protection insurance policies


  • Manner of approach
  • Objectives
  • Custodies
  • Documentation
  • Valuations
  • Voluntary surrender
  • Insolvent/ Deceased estate
  • Court orders
  • Sureties
  • Claim on shortfall/writing off
  • The collection officer's right
  • Procedure to follow when suing for a short fall

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