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Your Essential Guide to Corporate Image and Etiquette

Summary of workshop content and approach

This intensive, practical 1-day workshop will help you market yourself professionally, ensuring your personal accomplishment and the success of your business.

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Course Outline

The power of image

  • Understanding the psychological processes by which people judge others
  • Identifying your company's image and requirements in their market
  • Creating industry and client profiles to determine what people expect from you
  • Using what you know to enhance your professional image in every situation

Dressing for success

  • Identifying the style of dress best suited to each client and occasion
  • Taking a closer look at dress codes 
  • Learning to distinguish good from bad fabric and understanding how this impacts your image
  • Dressing to flatter your figure
  • Creating a stylish, professional wardrobe without ruining your budget

Mastering modern business etiquette

First impressions last - which is why it is essential that you get it right from the start. 

  • Using the correct forms of greeting and handshake in the right situation
  • Making introductions correctly
  • Exchanging business cards: how and when

Conducting yourself in the close quarters of an office and, in particular, a boardroom may look simpler than it is.

  • Determining the correct seating arrangements for large and small groups
  • Recognising the key decision makers in the group
  • Managing the agenda to ensure that all topics are covered in the shortest possible time
  • Presenting your ideas with impact and actively listening to those of others
  • Dealing with conflict to ensure that differences in opinion add to the discussion
  • Reading and managing body language to your own benefit

As many business deals are concluded in the 'social' environment of business lunches and other business entertainment events, it is essential to extend your professionalism to this arena.

  • Drawing up your guest list and correctly inviting your business guests
  • Learning all there is to know about dining etiquette
  • Knowing which wines to order as a compliment to any meal
  • Paying the bill and leaving a tip
  • Managing a variety of other business functions: cocktail parties, luncheons, sports events, etc.
  • Giving and receiving business gifts in a professional manner

Reviewing etiquette across the cultural divide

  • Comparing local and international views on punctuality
  • Evaluating different interpretations of dress
  • Understanding culture-specific variations in body language
  • Looking at business cards and gifts from the viewpoint of other cultures
  • Showing your respect for your business associates by respecting cultural differences

Ensuring that you know how to use the telephone, fax machine and e-mail appropriately will enable you to enhance your professional image in an environment where face-to-face communication is impossible.

  • Answering, making and returning calls professionally
  • Screening calls without aggravating your callers
  • Dealing with rude or aggressive callers
  • Providing outstanding service to both internal and external by phone, fax or e-mail
  • Acquiring professional cellular phone and e-mail etiquette


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